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Burial Or Cremation?

This is one of the most difficult questions to ask yourself. It's really not surprising that we don't want to talk about it.

The alternative is to leave it up to our family once we are gone, although, this is not the ideal way to deal with such an important decision. Leaving this decision to your family & loved ones at a time of great stress and grief is an added pressure they really do not need.

Planning our own funeral is becoming more and more popular - and one of the best things to do for all concerned. By planning our funeral in advance, we remove this very stressful burden from our surviving family members, and also make sure our own wishes are carried out.

Once we have taken the first step of planning our own funeral, one of the first questions has to be, burial or cremation?

To help you answer this very important question, we have put together this fact sheet for you. Hopefully this will clear up most of the questions you have regarding your decision. Should you still have any questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


If burial is chosen, the decision is usually based on whether your family have an existing lair or a new lair needs to be purchased.

Existing Lair

In the case of an existing lair, it would be helpful to have the lair certificate. If this is not available, then the lair may be traced on the basis of the names of those interred and their date of death.

For North Ayrshire Council cemeteries, there are certain circumstances where it will be necessary to transfer lair ownership before the interment may take place. Transfer must be done according to the rules laid down by the Council. Transfer is effected by Statutory Declaration and your funeral director will guide you through the transfer process. In the context of a funeral plan it would be an advantage to deal with the transfer of lair ownership prior to the time that the lair will be needed.

New Lair

In the case of a new lair, your first decision will be which cemetery to choose, but pleased be advised that some North Ayrshire Council cemeteries are closed for new lairs. Your funeral director will advise on this and would then require the name and address of the person to whom the lair certificate is to be made out.

It is important to note that North Ayrshire Council no longer allows the purchase of a lair in advance of an interment.

Cost involved with a Burial

The cost of a burial is usually less than a cremation if an existing lair is being used.


If you are considering cremation, the main decision is the choice of crematorium.

There are several crematoria which are readily accessible for residents of North Ayrshire. All crematoria have car parks and have chapels fitted with organ and CD players and are suitable for wheelchair users.

Many options are available with regard to the cremated remains, or ashes. Your funeral director will assist with the collection from the crematorium on your behalf if required, and in helping you decide on the final laying to rest.

Costs involved with a Cremation

The cost of a cremation is usually less than a burial where it is necessary to purchase a new lair.

If you have any questions regarding the details of a particular type of funeral, please do not hesitate to contact AW Blair & Sons on 01294 468238. We will advise you on all arrangements in the strictest confidence. Or if you would rather contact us using our contact form, please click here.