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What is a funeral plan?

What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

In its simplest form, a funeral plan is your preferred funeral, with the funeral director’s services paid for in advance and an allowance to third party costs. The funeral plan can be for yourself or someone else - as long as they live in the UK - and gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out exactly as you planned.

Funeral planning this way removes the financial burden from your family and loved ones and saves them the worry and stress of arranging your funeral at an already difficult time.

Your funeral plan payments can be either a lump sum or monthly payments, whatever suits your needs.

What are the benefits of a funeral plan?

Funeral costs, like everything else, are rising every year - and look likely to continue rising.

Across the country, funeral costs have risen by more than 103% over the last 12 years*, which is significantly more than inflation. This means that not only do we have to deal with the grief and stress of losing a loved one, but we may also be faced with the financial nightmare of covering rising funeral costs.

*Source: SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2016.

One of the main benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan is it allows you to freeze the cost of the funeral director's services included in your plan. As long as your requirements don't change, then these costs are covered. And depending on which type of plan you choose, you can also make a contribution towards third party costs, which are a very important, and sometimes overlooked part of a funeral plan. Please see the'What's included in my plan' section for more information.

By taking out your plan through your local funeral director, you will receive all their expert help and advice when making your funeral arrangements and, when the time comes, your family only have to make one phone call and your funeral director will activate your plan, ensuring your wishes are carried out with a sympathetic and professional service. And the sooner you take out the plan, the greater the saving may be.

What is included in my plan?

When you decide to take out a pre-paid funeral plan, one of the most important questions you need to ask, is what exactly is covered in my plan (and what isn't). Remember, very rarely will your funeral plan cover all third party costs. These are the costs which are outside your local funeral director's control, like the costs of a burial or cremation fees. So for peace of mind, and to safeguard your family from any unexpected charges, it is always best to know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Always double check each and every section of your preferred plan so that you are happy with what is covered. Only then can you be assured that your funeral planning is going to be carried out as you wanted, without causing headaches for your family at an already sad time.

We would advise that once you have a funeral plan in mind, get in touch with us and we will make sure you have exactly the plan to suit your needs, without any of the unwanted surprises. A.W. Blair & Sons will be only too happy to help guide you through the whole process and explain what is, and isn't included in your plan.

What does planning my funeral cost and is my money safe?

The cost of planning your funeral depends on what you have decided to include in your plan, for example, an extra limousine or flowers and which type of payment method you have decided to use - either monthly payments or in a lump sum. With monthly payments there will be an instalment charge if the payments are spread over more than twelve months. This will be explained to you in full before you take out your plan.

With Golden Charter - our preferred provider - your money is completely protected, no matter which option of payment you have chosen. Your money will be paid into the Golden Charter Trust*, which is run by an independent Board of Trustees who manage the Trust's funds on behalf of our plan holders and safeguard future payments. When the time comes, the funeral director’s services included in your plan are guaranteed to be covered.

* Or paid to a UK life assurance company for the fixed monthly payment option.

Why Choose Golden Charter

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Golden Charter is a leading independent provider of funeral plans in the UK. They work with a network of more than of 3,000 independent funeral directors across the country and have served over 500,000 customers. Additionally, they also offer a range of legal services that help people make important arrangements for the future, including Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Golden Charter is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and follow its code of practice, and is also the only funeral plan provider recommended by the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).